How To Take CBD

First step... Understand The Products


A CBD oil is the most popular way of taking CBD as the oils come in all flavours and strengths. 

Method: Simply extract from the bottle by a pipette and place the drops under your tongue. The liquid should be kept under the tongue for around 30 seconds to a minute before being swallowed.

CBD Edibles

A CBD edible is an everyday food products such as cookies or gummy sweets which have been infused with CBD.  

Method: Simply eat the product as per the recommended amount on the packaging.

CBD Drinks

The same as Energy Drinks you simply are drinking these to enjoy the CBD rather than caffeine.  Enjoy a cold refreshing drink with our different flavours available.

Method: Crack open an ice cold beverage, sit back, take a sip and enjoy!! With all different flavours, what one will you try first!

CBD Skincare & Muscle Therapy

All our CBD Skincare products are the highest quality and we have such a variety of products available for this reason we recommend you watch some of our videos to learn more about the potential benefits.  

Method: To use the products we recommend you read the insutructions of each, but most will be simply applying a cream to the desired area and letting it soak in.  Great for all types of muscles, joints, skin and a fantastic way to add to your daily skincare regime.

CBD Tea, Coffee & Hot Chocolate

If you have ever mastered making a cup of Tea or Coffee then you have already mastered making the CBD equivalent.  These products have been enriched with CBD and can be a great addition to the caffeine in these types of drinks.  

Method: Simple switch your usual Tea Bag or Coffee with ours and that you nailed it to a Tea :-P


As you will see from our Product List we offer a wide rage of CBD Products.  If you are unsure how to use anything or have any questions about the products themselves please get in touch via the Chat Box and our CBD Professionals are ready to help.