10mg Stripe Nicotine Pouches - 20 Pouches

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10mg Stripe Nicotine Pouches bring all the satisfaction of smoking with none of the health risks! These deliciously discreet pouches are a hit with people who want to reduce their daily tobacco use, as they contain a moderate 10mg of nicotine that provides a smooth, satisfying buzz. Plus, a tantalising variety of flavours make it easy to find your perfect pouch! Each pack contains 20 pouches, so you can enjoy your smoke-free, nicotine-filled experience - discreetly.

  • 20 portions per pouch 
  • strength - 10mg  
  • weight - 10g  


  • Berry Madness - Sour Blueberry 
  • Speed Up! - Energy Drink 
  • Snowflake - Tender Mint 
  • Honey Moon - Sweet Melon 
  • Cherryfield - Cherry & Menthol 

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