Simply CBD Bronzer - Self Tan Pump Spray 200ml

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The world’s first CBD infused all-natural spray tan solution. This CBD infused professional self-tan solution produces a professional, natural-looking tan!

Formulated and fortified with added natural active ingredients to create a healthy sunkissed look. Suitable for all skin types.

10% DHA,

– Use allover or specific areas (face/legs/arms)

– Long-lasting, even fade off

- Paraben-Free

- Aloe Vera

- Green Tea Extract

- Vegan-Friendly

- Cruelty-Free

- CBD Infused

Always undertake a skin patch test 24 hours in advance of application. Remove perfume, moisturisers, soaps, jewellery and exfoliate skin prior to use. Hold pump 45cm away from the skin and apply as a fine mist. Wash off after 4 hours and maintain regular moisturising after use. Repeat regularly to build up a natural-looking tan. Shake well before use.





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